• Comfortable, quiet typing

    This full-sized keyboard consists of all the major keys to give you comfortable typing for longer hours. Also, these keys have been given a low profile to eliminate noise.

  • Thin Profile

    The keyboard has been designed keeping in mind the user’s comfort. Thus, it has been given a slim shape, so that your hand can be placed comfortably in a natural position.

  • Plug-and-play USB Connection

    The HIGHGIG Wireless Keyboard & Mouse is easy-to-use with plug-and-play feature. You are required to plug the USB into the available port and start typing. No additional device needed.

    Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo

    Enhance your performance with HIGHGIG Wireless keyboard and mouse combo. It is built with the latest features to deliver an exceptional performance and comes at an affordable price. It will serve as a great companion for your desktop.


  • HIGHGIG Keyboard

    Its slim, ergonomic design helps reduce strain on your wrists, so you can feel comfort with Highgig keyboard and go on typing for hours without any discomfort

  • HIGHGIG Mouse

    HIGHGIG Mouse make sure your palm has adequate support when you are using it. It comes with scrolling wheel for easy of use.

  • HIGHGIG Keyboard & Mouse

    This USB keyboard is compatible with all Windows and Linux operating systems. (WINDOWS XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 ,LINUX, LINUX KERNEL 2.6 + )

    Wired Keyboard & Mouse Combo

    "The Highgig New Design Slim USB Wired Keyboard Take control and navigate through your computer effortlessly . This standard-sized keyboard comes with 104 keys including the number keypad."

    "Check out the all new Highgig Optical Mouse range. Designed for Optimal Comfort. So, if you are looking for a good Mouse for your pc or laptop, look no further then the Highgig Mouse."